Dental Billing Solutions and Services Focused on your collections.

Supporting the next generation of dental providers and entrepreneurs by automating your revenue cycle process.

Experience the 360 Dental Billing Solution difference through our proven Expert-Driven Revenue Growth Framework which delivers cash flow you can count on

Dental Call Center Services

We are here to assist you in managing communication with patients, appointment scheduling, and addressing billing-related inquiries effectively

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Patient Billing Add-On Service

We help dental practices manage their patient billing processes more effectively. Our professional team extends the support to the patient billing aspect of the practice's financial management. This enhances patient billing processes, improves communication with patients, increases collection rates, and reduces administrative workload.

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EFT & Deposit Reconciliation

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and deposit reconciliation are important processes in financial management. These services offer several benefits, including faster payment processing, reduced paperwork, and increased efficiency.The deposit reconciliation helps dental practices track their revenue, identify any payment issues, and maintain a clear picture of their financial status.

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Dental Accounting & Book-Keeping

At Dental360 our experts manage the financial records and transactions of a dental practice. The services entail day-to-day recording and organization of financial transactions along with preparation, analysis, and interpretation of financial information to assess the financial health and performance of the dental practice.

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Dental Billing Service

Our team of trained professionals understand dental insurance plans, dental codes, and billing regulations. They work closely with dental practices to manage their billing processes efficiently. This way dental practices can focus more on patient care and reduce administrative burdens. It can also help improve the accuracy and efficiency of the billing process, leading to increased revenue and reduced claim rejections.

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Benefits of Dental Billing Solutions?

  • Improve revenue cycle management
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Prevent errors and reduce claim denials
  • Simplify the payment process 
  • Reduce the risk of missed payments
  • Ensure maximum reimbursement for services rendered
  • Reduce missed appointments

We understand that running a dental practice is challenging, and that's why we're here to make it easier for YOU

Why choose us?

  • Experts in the complex world of insurance billing and coding


  • Stay up-to-date with the constantly changing insurance regulations and industry standards


  • Focus  on patient care


  • Improved cash flow

We bring bring expertise, efficiency, and financial benefits

Benefits of using Dental Billing Services

Avoid overdue bills

Dental accounting specialists pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay through limited access accounts. Your staff no longer needs to write cheques to vendors or have access to your bank’s online account.   

Promptly redistributing improperly received funds

If an insurance provider applies funds incorrectly your platform team will promptly identify the inaccuracy, rectify and redistribute properly, something that could be overlooked without the proper checks and balances. 

Removing the burden of financial management from your staff

Allow your team to focus on keeping your patients happy and chairs full instead of balancing the books and posting payments in your practice management software.